Essentia tips for hosting the perfect spring picnic

You don’t have to wait for summertime to have a picnic with a few friends. Spring gives you great weather and milder temperatures, as well as fewer bugs, which can make these picnics more pleasant than summer ones. If you’re planning on hosting a spring picnic, keep the following tips in mind.

Limit Your Guest List

Picnics are more fun when you don’t have to spend a lot of time preparing large amounts of food and making sure there’s enough space for everyone. Ask a few friends to come to your picnic, and save the larger gatherings for summertime barbecues. You’ll have less to carry to your spring picnic and less food to worry about when you keep your guest list small.

Don’t Forget the Extras

Plates, utensils, and napkins aren’t the only items you’ll need. You should also pack a paring knife and cutting board to make it easier to cut up cheese and fruit. Rather than packing regular size bottles of condiments, fill your basket with single serving packs of ketchup, mayo, pepper, salt and other condiments and seasonings.

Pack Plenty of Cold Drinks

Place water and other drinks you’re bringing with you in the freezer for a short time, such as a few minutes, before packing them in a cooler. This helps ensure that your drinks will stay cold for a longer period of time. When you’re filling up your cooler, put plenty of ice in it to keep drinks colder even longer.

Bring Cleaning Supplies

Even if you plan on bringing disposable plates, cups and utensils that you can dump in a trash can, you’re still likely to have a bit of a mess to clean up. Pack wipes and some water to use for wiping down your picnic blanket or table when you’re done eating. Bring a garbage bag with you as well, so you’ll have somewhere to place your trash if there aren’t any garbage cans around.

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