City place easy ways to add gold to your space

Gold has been a revered element in each established culture throughout history.  It represents beautify, purity and power.  Its ability to bounce light around a room and cause spaces to seem bigger makes it a desirable decorating tool.

Four Ways to Brighten Your Apartment With Gold

Gold is a great choice for residents of apartments in Long Beach, CA who want to add some inexpensive bling to their living space.  Here are four ways to do just that.

Display Gold Containers

Transform current fruit bowls, jewelry dishes or vases that hold favorite flowers with metallic gold paint.  You can also purchase new items with a gold finish or raid some consignment shops or thrift stores.  Another option is painting containers hiding in your closet or cabinets with gold spray paint.

Try Gold Leafing

That empty glass jar could make a trendy holder for a votive or other candle.  Gold leafing over adhesive creates a jar that will shine when the sun hits it during the daytime and glow at night thanks to light from a candle.  Gold foil vinyl or paper leafing has a clean look that’s perfect for wall art and accents in your bathroom.

Announce Your Favorites

Collections of small objects such as seashells are focal points in a room.  Brighten them with a catchy phrase like “Tide’s In” on a sign with large gold-leaf letters.  Love dried flowers?  Draw more attention to your favorites by putting them in gold containers and displaying them in groups or three or four that really catch the light.

Go for the Glitter

Add a disco ball or splash some gold glitter on a mirror, then watch the reflection from light expand and brighten your apartment.  Spruce up a work area with gold glitter. You can add it to a pencil cup or sprinkle it on the frame of a favorite photo.

Creating an appealing living space doesn’t have to cost Long Beach apartment residents a small fortune.  Following these simple and inexpensive tips for using gold accents can quickly brighten your living space.  Be sure to call us today to learn more about our convenient amenities and to find out which of our floor plans best meets your needs.