City place 5 signs your dog loves you

One of the best place about living at City Place apartments in Long Beach is that your dog is permitted everywhere in the community. That’s one great reason why your dog loves you a lot! Here are five other signs that your dog loves you.

1. They are waiting at the door for you when you come home.

When you’re away at work or at the gym at City Place, your dog misses you! You’re their best friend just as much as they your best friend, and they can’t wait to see you again.

2. They sleep in your bed.

Dogs are pack animals and when they live in wild with their pack, they all snuggle together in a den. If your dog sleeps in your bed with you or prefers your bed to their own doggy bed, that’s a sure sign that they love you and sees you as one of the pack.

3. They steal your sweatshirts.

Have you been missing a sweatshirt lately? Chances are, if your dog loves you, you’ll find it in their doggy bed. Dogs who love their owners like to smell the familiar scent where they sleep. It makes them feel safe and protected and reminds your dog of their favorite person – you!

4. They press their nose against your face.

A strong sign of affection between dogs and humans is when they press their nose against your face. This is kind of like a dog “kiss,” and it’s a definite indication that you have a special place in your dog’s heart. Just be sure to let your dog initiate this gesture first.

City Place apartments in Long Island are very dog-friendly. As a dog owner, you understand how important it is to have open spaces for your dog to run, and that’s exactly what you’ll get at City Place. Plus, you’ll get to enjoy socializing with other residents who also own dogs. Who knows? Maybe your dog will find another canine in the community who will steal their heart! Why not see everything City Place has to offer you and your canine friend. Contact one of our friendly representatives today to look around the community and view available floor plans at City Place.