5 ways to keep your indoor cat occupied

Cats have a natural curiosity that needs to be indulged in order for the animal to remain as happy and healthy as possible. Indoor cats sometimes lack the stimulating environment that they need and can become lethargic and listless as a result. Fortunately, strategies exist for residents of apartments in Long Beach, CA, to keep their feline friends engaged and entertained. Following are five of them.

Install An Outdoor Bird Feeder

Placing an outdoor bird feeder in an area that’s easily viewable from your cat’s favorite windowsill perch will provide hours of entertainment. Cats are hunters by nature, so being able to watch potential prey keeps them energized and aware.

Provide Plenty of Cat Toys

Your feline friend will appreciate it if you provide them with plenty of fun cat toys to play with. Most cats love to bat around and chase balls, for instance, as well as appreciate squeaky toys like rubber mice because they simulate the hunting process. Some cats love toys that are filled with catnip, while others are indifferent to the herb. You can also always use an empty cardboard box to keep your cat occupied and engaged.

Hide Treats Around Your Apartment

Hiding treats around your apartment will teach your cat to play a fun game that appeals to their hunting instincts — they will feel like they are stalking their prey once they learn that there are hidden treats to be found. Always switch up hiding places to keep things interesting, but don’t make them so difficult to find that your cat loses interest in the game.

Get a Kitty Condo

Kitty condos are large toys that provide hours of feline fun. Your kitty will climb, hide, and more. It generally provides your cat with a space of their own. Most kitty condos also have places that double as scratching posts.

Introduce a New Member of the Family

Only consider this idea if you’re willing to commit to the care and feeding of another furry friend in your apartment. Most cats are happier when they’ve got a companion.

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